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    Excellent logistics plans

    We aim to keep our delivery costs as low as possible, therefore we offer our products for lowest price. Our products reach our customers on time.

    Great business facilities

    The quality and safety of our products is our top priority. We guarantee our products are delivered safe.

    Highest quality products

    We provide you the highest-quality medical supplies, dental materials, VET materials and services with a competitive price.
  • About us

    About us

    KENHARA is a well-established company in Kenya with more than 5 years of experience. Our company currently operates from 3 main offices, in 3 major cities in Kenya. We deal with the supply of dental, medical and VET materials across Kenya, and through partners in Tanzania and Uganda.

    We are a fast growing company with a good record. Our company currently operates from 3 main offices, in 3 major cities in Kenya. We serve dental materials directly to over 500 dentists and also to several dental clinics, hospitals and local dealers in whole Kenya.

    Kenya have very high potential in coming years with about 50 million people, is a huge market. There are over 5,000 dentists in Kenya, and the number is growing. We believe that, with our good logistics plans, business facilities, and easy communication skills, we would be able to meet your demands and work cooperatively.

    We promote our business and marketing using different kinds of advertising networks including telemarketing, media, flyers and handbills. We also organize presentations, and attend exhibitions and seminars. Our target is to work and introduce only highest quality products to our market.

    Our priorities

    We have communication skills, and we know what our clients want and thats why they work with us. Our clients trust us as their main supplier of dental, medical materials and supplies.
    We work cooperatively with our clients toward a common goal and our success. We are well known among our clients for our quality, reliable dental material delivery services.
    We strive to meet your demands and exceed your expectations in everything that we do. It’s our need to provide superior dental, medical and VET materials delivery all the time.

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    We offer a variety of medical, dental and VET supplies & materials delivered straight to your door.
    Get your medical, dental or VET supplies now!

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